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This universe appears on the TV series Smallville. It's official designation is Earth-2 and it's point of divergence from Earth-37's timeline is Lionel Luthor finding Kal-El rather than the Kents. Kal-El (now named Clark Luthor) has assumed the villainous alias of Ultraman. In the episode, "Luthor, "Clark Kent automatically traded places with Clark Luthor when Clark Kent accidentally activated the Kryptonian Mirror Box. While on Earth II, Clark Kent discovers many things about his evil double, Clark Luthor. Clark Luthor is very promiscuous and usually beds several females at a time. Clark Luthor's adopted brother, Lex Luthor, branded him with an "L" on his arm using gold kryptonite. In retaliation, Clark Luthor murdered his adopted brother, Lex Luthor. Clark Luthor is maintaining a sexual relationship with his adopted sister, Tess Luthor. Clark Kent manages to use the Earth II's Mirror Box, and trades places with Clark Luthor. Clark Kent then destroys his Mirror Box.

In the episode "Kent" Clark Luthor uses his own Mirror Box to return to Earth I. He then uses the box to send Clark Kent to Earth II. Clark Kent discovers that Jonathan and Martha Kent of Earth II divorced after the meteor shower that brought Clark Luthor to Earth. The strain of the shower destroying the farm, plus enormous bills and debts, also destroyed the Kent's marriage. Clark Kent meets Jonathan Kent of Earth II living as a transient on the abandoned Kent farm. Clark Kent convinces Jonathan that he raised Clark as his own son in his reality - and that Jonathan and Martha had never divorced. It is at this point that Emil Hamilton repairs a Mirror Box transporting Clark Kent back to Earth I. Clark Kent manages to get Clark Luthor to follow him to the Fortress of Solitude. There, Clark Kent talks to Clark Luthor in order to convince him that he has a capacity for good in Earth II. Clark Kent tells Clark Luthor that Jor-El inside his own Fortress of Solitude can teach him. Clark Kent suddenly calls out "Jor-El!" The crystal console interface of Jor-El lights up and suddenly Clark Luthor appears inside his own Fortress of Solitude on Earth II. Clark Luthor cries out, "Father?" He is answered by Jor-El of Earth II, who says, "Welcome home, my son." The last scene of Earth II shows Jonathan Kent walking in front of an apartment building in Metropolis. Jonathan slowly walks up the stairs to the door of the apartment building. He reads the names of the call buttons of the people living in the apartment building. Jonathan Kent's eyes zoom in to a button that has the name 'Martha Kent' beside it. Jonathan takes a deep breath then pushes the button. Fade to black.

This reality has been destroyed by The Monitors and most of it's residents are confirmed dead exept for Ultraman, whose whereabouts and status are unknown.

It was confirmed in Smallville, Season 11 (comic book) that not long after Clark Luthor returned to Earth II, that he was killed. Earth II Chloe, along with their version of 'Watchtower," traveled to the Fortress seeking out Ultraman. Previously, Ultraman (Clark Luthor) had gone on a killing spree. However, Oliver Queen had located a green meteor rock from Smallville that could render Ultraman powerless. Ultraman (Clark Luthor) retaliates by killing Oliver Queen. Armed with the members of Watchtower, and with Kryptonite, Chloe of Earth II killed Ultraman/Clark Luthor. Clark Luthor attempted to explain to Chloe that he had changed, but it was too late. Ultraman was finally dead.

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