Anton Arcane
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Real Name

Anton Arcane





Base of Operations





Public Identity


United States



Portrayed by

Mark Lindsay Chapman


Swamp Thing (TV series)


Anton Arcane was a criminal scientist obsessed with the study of genetics. He was responsible for abducting dozens of individuals and performing grotesque experiments on them, using recombinant DNA to combine animal characteristics with human beings. These experiments gave rise to a sub-race of mutants such as Falco and Toad Boy. Anton Arcane attempted to steal a Bio-Restorative Formula from a scientist named Doctor Alec Holland. This incident resulted in Holland being transformed into the elemental creature known as the Swamp Thing. The ever-charismatic Doctor Arcane developed an interest in a local Louisiana woman named Tressa Kipp. For the most part, Arcane's flirtations with Miss Kipp was part of a larger scheme to swindle her family out of the land that their home was built upon. Arcane was able to perform most of his experiments without fear of detection. This is due in no small part to his accomplice, Sheriff Andrews, a corrupt police officer who covered up news of the various missing persons reports that would otherwise circulate throughout the community. Invariably, Arcane's machinations would always earn the ire of the Swamp Thing who waged a consistent crusade against Arcane at every available opportunity. Another thorn in Arcane's side was Tressa Kipp's nine-year-old son, Jim. When Jim discovered Arcane's laboratory, he had the boy captured and shipped off to a work camp in South America. He had Sheriff Andrews fake Jim Kipp's death so his disappearance would not arouse suspicion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Medicine: Practiced in numerous surgical techniques. He has been shown to dissect and vivisect several human beings.
  • Genetics: Anton Arcane was an expert in the field of genetics and biochemistry. He himself designed several genetic procedures most notably methods of induced mutation.
  • Charisma: He could make himself the center of attention merely by walking into the room. His silver-tongue and polite manners obfuscated the dark intentions that lied beneath the skin.
  • Hypnosis: Anton has demonstrated low-level hypnotic abilities. On one occasion he was able to put a woman to sleep simply by staring into her eyes.


Like most criminal masterminds, Anton Arcane is victim to his own arrogance and vanity.



Various lab equipment and instruments


Convertible sports car


He is often equipped with some variety of firearm.


  • The role of Doctor Anton Arcane was played by actor Mark Lindsay Chapman.
  • Anton Arcane is one of the only characters from the TV series who was based on an existing comic book counterpart. The comic book version of Arcane is vastly different however, and decidedly more evil.